“Monica Harte embodies the breath of fresh air the Opera world is inhaling”

Monica Harte is Managing Director of The Actors’ Gang, an award-winning, professional theater company in Culver City, CA.  Author of theatrical works and academic articles. Her academic research explored solo performance as an extension of vocal pedagogy. She co-founded Remarkable Theater Brigade (RTB) where she produced OperaShorts at Carnegie Hall as well as full-length operas, ballets, musicals, and tours to special-needs and at-risk children. As a producer, her passion for weaving modern themes into classical works was seen in the anime-style Madama Butterfly, biker-version of Carmen, and vampire-themed Don Giovanni she produced for Nevada Opera.

Monica Harte was co-founder and general director of Remarkable Theater Brigade (RTB) in New York, where she launched the highly successful annual production of Opera Shorts at Carnegie Hall and revolutionized the typical, traditional medium of opera with her creation of Opera Shorts. These 10-minute operas are composed by some of the most exciting living composers of our time.