“Monica Harte embodies the breath of fresh air the Opera world is inhaling”

Monica Harte is Managing Director of The Actors’ Gang, an award-winning, professional theater company in Culver City, CA. 

Author of theatrical works, academic articles, and a dystopian novel. Her current research explores the implications of audience attendance in the university setting.

An established voice teacher, Monica taught in New York for 20 years. She co-founded Remarkable Theater Brigade (RTB) where she produced OperaShorts at Carnegie Hall as well as full-length operas, ballets, musicals, and tours to special-needs and at-risk children.


As an opera producer, her passion is weaving modern themes into classical opera seen in the anime-style Madama Butterfly, biker-version of Carmen, and vampire-themed Don Giovanni she produced for Nevada Opera.

Monica Harte, most noted as the co-founder and general director of Remarkable Theater Brigade (RTB) in New York, where she launched the highly successful annual production of Opera Shorts at Carnegie Hall and revolutionized the typical, traditional medium of opera with her creation of Opera Shorts. These 10-minute operas are composed by some of the most exciting living composers of our time.


In January 2012, she was named General and Artistic Director of the Nevada Opera Association (NOA). She left in 2015 to work with the Dean’s Office of Visual, Media and Performing Arts at Brooklyn College as Administrator for Special Projects.
Harte’s two solo CD’s for MSR Classics label, Songs from Another Place and Long Island Songs were met with positive reviews [Fanfare Magazine said “her voice was an exquisitely controlled vocal instrument she uses to delve into the hearts of texts with uncanny powers of penetration,” and Sequenza21.com enjoyed “her bright clarion voice”] and an invitation to record the song cycle Going with Tom Cipullo for his CD Landscape with Figures.


A private voice teacher whose professional students perform with major opera houses, Harte is a member of the voice faculty at the Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn college where she teaches private lessons, a studio class and coaches an ensemble.